Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bollywood Boogie-Hazan "Get A Little Closer"

The record gods were smiling down on me last week as I found this 12" at the same thrift that brought me "The Toke Monster". As much as I love finding private press lps, my one true vinyl love will always be 12" singles. They sound better, they usually contain extended mixes, and they are a dj's number one tool.

This Hazan 12" looked like a gamble. I was intrigued by the song titles and the picture of the stylish couple on the back. And the fact that it is from 1983 is promising considering that much of my favorite music comes from that year. And yet, it could be some weird new wave or rock record. The duo looks to be of Middle Eastern descent, but the label is EMI out of London.

Luckily I didn't leave the record behind! The A-side "Dreamer Devane" is an extended dance mix that reminds me of Italo Disco from the same era. With it's arpeggiated synths and 4/4 beat this sounds like a lost WBMX classic. Perhaps "Bolly Italo" is a genre worth exloring more of?

My favorite track on the 12" is the last song on the B-side, "Get A Little Closer". This has all the elements of a classic 80's boogie tune: deep synth bass, muted guitar, synth swells, funky electronic drums, a touch of vocoder and a killer breakdown. And the best part is that it's essentially a dub mix with minimal vocals, but the vocals that are present are quite tasty. As the only example of Bollywood Boogie currently in my collection, I'm hooked and I want more!


  1. That B side's got drama. Such a cross-over cut!

    Do the production credits indicate where this was made, or just that i came out of London?


  2. Well,its sung by Pakistani Singer Nazia Hassan

    video of the song (non extended version )


    Original Song is Disco devane,and Dreamer devane was sung with English audience in mind .


    nazia Hassan


    if you don't mind can you post this song in 320kpbs ??

  3. Any chance of re-uploading Get A Little Closer, doesn't seem to want to play or download.